High Times with Kacey Musgraves

pageantI’ve listened to little else but the new Kacey Musgraves record this week, which I quite like, and have reviewed in some detail over at Cahoots.

The mountain holler and the Opry stage collide on “High Time,” Pageant Material’s opener—and not, by the way, for the last time over the course of the LP. The pedal steel is high and lonesome and the solitary whistle sound is stark like a mountain top yodel; there’s also a string section that’s ravishing and unabashed in its glitter, plus—just for good measure—lyrics that betray an outlaw’s love of weed. Those who knows much about Kacey Musgraves will know before needle hits groove that “High Time” is a double entendre, but it’s actually a fakeout: The song is about rollin’ and smokin’ but really it’s about a moment of surrender, a chance to breathe deep and revel in the joy of the present. Fittingly, the song sways with the lazy gait of a high school dance—a moment stolen, frozen, called from memory.

Read the rest here.


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